2009 Draft

The CAC of the hamlet has responsibility and charge to see that the rights and wishes of our residents are know to and taken into due account by the municipal government of the Town of Southampton. The boards of the town that regulate the land use and zoning have taken the previous hamlet studies as their guiding hand and this document will bring those points of reference to alignment with the community’s concerns.

The character and quality of life in the hamlet are of major concern to it’s residents, located between two growing larger incorporated villages Southampton and East Hampton, it struggles to maintain it’s rural character and bucolic nature.

The first goal is to define the boundaries of the hamlet, as an unincorporated entity within a Town our boundaries need defining.

The second goal is to have a definitive plan for the declining open space and agricultural lands within the hamlet.

The third goal is to have a plan for the retention of businesses in the village center and management to the Bridgehampton Commons/Gateway area to not become urban sprawl.

Fourth goal is to address the traffic issues that arise from both the transit traffic going east west and the summer congestion of resort traffic.

Fifth goal would be to provide an efficient and reliable method of public information and comment to the actions of the Town boards for hamlet related decisions.

Sixth goal would to establish a historical district and preserve the character and heritage of the hamlet

Hamlet boundaries, the hamlet is generally considered to encompass all that lies between the new-formed village of Sagaponack to the east, the Atlantic Ocean on the south, the hamlet of Water Mill on the east and the Villages of North Haven and Sag harbor on the North. Only the line with Water Mill is not well defined, A map of the proposed boundaries by the Town is attached and  I think that there is a part of BH south of the highway west of Mecox road that is properly BH not Water Mill.

The overwhelming desire of the current residents of Bridgehampton is to preserve as much of the rural and agricultural nature of the hamlet as possible. The continued encroachment of residences and holiday homes both over taxes the limited natural resources of the hamlet and lower property values .It is the Town of Southampton’s planning and Zoning boards that regulate this aspect of hamlet life and the CAC wishes to have a more formal input and sway over these board’s decisions, at very least the CAC should be required to “sign off” on any major hamlet projects.

The business district of Bridgehampton is bifurcated into the traditional village center and a large quasi-regional Shopping plaza , While we recognize the contribution of the Commons to the hamlet (despite it not being part of the school district!) , we seek to maintain and encourage local businesses to find a place in the hamlet and provide both occupation and convenience for our residents. The future development of the “gateway” project also needs local supervision to meet community needs

The main street of the hamlet is the major transit corridor for traffic to east Hampton town. With the new larger and faster County Road 39 the bottlenecks have been shifted east. Let us not have “solutions” imposed on us to streamline traffic through the hamlet to the detriment of Bridgehampton both from a safety and commerce point of view.

The Town of Southampton is large and growing bureaucratically, in this even busier age informing the residents of hamlet about the relevant actions and events in the town government that may affect them is of greater priority, the CAC would like to maintain a Web site where residents can easily see what will be happening in the local municipality and also comment on it for forward to the relevant officials be they Town, State or Federal

The hamlet recently received an excellent study on the historical structures located within Bridgehampton, It’s our hope that this can lead to the establishment of a true historical district and that it be used a guideline and tool to prevent the destruction of our heritage by development.

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  1. Comment by Jeffrey Vogel — August 6, 2010 @ 7:25 am

    the map that you may access on the prior page is now the official map of the hamlet of Bridgehampton. It was adopted by the Town of SH this spring and we now have boundaries besides the various and non congruent taxing districts

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