The New Bridgehampton Hamlet Plan

The principal issues that the CAC hears at it’s monthly meetings are issues related to land use and zoning. The Town of Southampton regulates these two issues principally via the Planning board and the Zoning board of appeals.

The members of these boards have appeared at CAC meetings and stated that the Hamlet study done in 2004 is the guiding document in their decisions that affect the hamlet.

In our review of these documents, we found that it addresses only the hamlet’s commercial center and not the whole hamlet nor does it speak to the relevant issues we face in 2009.

Rather than ask for a new study by outside “experts”, the CAC has drafted a study based on the collective concerns of the community. To get the widest possible input

We are posting the draft version on the web where you may register and add your comments for incorporation into this important document to guide the hamlet into the future.

The CAC will be presenting the finalized document to the Town board for approval in the future but we ask you to speak up now to make this a true community statement.

Bridgehampton Boundaries (Official)


Town’s 2004 Hamlet study
Draft of the New Hamlet Study

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  1. Comment by Jeffrey Vogel — July 31, 2009 @ 4:52 pm

    I encourage all residents to register and read our proposals and make comments, we want this document to represent the community at large

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