Minutes Oct. 28, 2013

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Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee

Cathie Gandel Co-Chairperson Carey Millard, Co-Chairperson

Jeffrey Mansfield, Vice-Chairperson, Alejandro Saralegui, Secretary

Agenda for meeting October 28, 2013, 7:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM

1. Attendance.

Richard Bruce , Julie Burmeister, John Daly, Jenice Delano, Leonard Davenport, Phyllis Davis, Cathie Gandel, Bonnie Lowe, Norm Lowe, Gay Lynch, Ian McPherson, Phyllis MacPherson, Jeffrey Mansfield, Weezie Quimby, Alejandro Saralegui, Nancy Walter-Yvertes

Guests: Ari Meisel, Suzanne Sinenberg, Annette Hinkle, Tom Neely, Anna Throne-Holst, Ray Stolz, Greg Konner.

2. Approval of September 23, 2013 Minutes.

Approved by Gay Lynch and Leonard Davenport

3. Christine Scalera, Town Councilwoman, and Thomas F. Neely, Public Transportation & Traffic Safety Director on parking issues in the Hamlet.

Christine Scalera was unable to attend because of a scheduling conflict.

Tom Neely explained that “transportation hub” is not a formal designation for Bridgehampton.  It’s a phrase from regional transportation studies that have been done and may be in the comprehensive plan reflecting the reality that BH is a destination/crossroads for the train, local bus and intercity bus. There are no plans afoot to make BH more of a hub.

Re. the taxes: According to 2013 figures the town gets $54,709 from the parking tax and $7000 from long term parking fees. Half of the long term parking fees are assigned to the parking district, with the other half assigned to the Town Clerks Office to administer the long term parking program.  Maintenance and landscaping cost about $30,000 a year; this may vary year to year. The rest may be is banked against the need for future repairs or improvements-the Supervisor or Town Comptroller should provide input on this. Parking district tax: based on the 2005 tax rate change-the latest Tom could find-on a $500,000 property, tax is about $4.90. BH residents do get a $50 reduction in long term parking fees, so they are not being “taxed” twice. (Long term parking fees are $75/BH resident; $125 taxpayer; $300/non-resident.)

There are two parking districts: BH and Hampton Bays. There was a DOT grant of $650,000 to improve those LIRR stations augmented by $1 million paid by LIRR. These parking districts may be tied to agreement that was generated at the time of the grant. The Town does provide services to the BH station, i.e. snow plowing and maintenance, per an agreement between the Town and the LIRR signed in 2002.  Many municipalities have similar agreements.

Weezie Quimby asked where revenue from parking place waivers at Pierre and Almond goes.

Dick Bruce commented that the BVLIS put quite a bit of money into the original landscaping of the LIRR, and now they would like to replace the glass on the station.  Neely said he would look into it.

Leonard Davenport commented that parking districts are practically inherently unfair but it does seem like we are getting some benefit of the tax at our station.

Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst noted that her office can provide a breakdown of the parking fees and where and how it is spent.

4. Greg Konner, on the plans for development of the “Barnes & Noble”      site and “Carvel” site.

Greg Konner gave an overview of his project for the site.  They have submitted a site plan for 27,000 sq ft site plan in 2 buildings with 150 parking spots on 8 acres zoned highway business. Which doesn’t allow for malls “Things you can’t put in your trunk”

They are going ahead with these plans because they have tenants for both building (a gym and a yoga studio). He added that they don’t know what else will happen with the rest of the property because we don’t have other tenants. The advertisement that had been circulated with three additional buildings was not an official plan and they are not pursuing it.

He also commented that the restaurant on the site will probably come down shortly noting that the Fire Marshal wants it down because in the winter there are homeless people living there and it is a potential hazard.

This project has no variances it can be built all as of right. Konner also noted that Related Properties is backing the Equinox lease.

Cathie Gandel suggested that the community would want landscaping coverage to shield the site from the street, similar to the natural woodlands barrier that hides some of the Commons.

Leonard Davenport noted that the sales tax from businesses on the site would not contribute to our Library or School tax districts as it is out of those boundaries.

Cathie Gandel reported on the resolutions from last meeting noting that Ryan Horn confirmed that a lot of the information the CAC had requested has already been compiled. Mary Wilson confirmed that they are working on the current farm uses on preserved lands. It was also discussed that there may be a more efficacious way of changing the town rules on uses of CPF purchased lands because they are not bound by State rules.

–Anna Throne-Holst added that the Town is looking at how the land has gone from the original vision of row crops and open space.

–Julie Burmeister asked if there is wiggle room with the appraised values of lands for CPF land.

–Anna Throne-Holst replied that there at least two appraisals made for each property under consideration and that there is an unofficial 10%  value adjustment from the appraised price of properties that are being considered for CPF purchase. She also noted that there are 2000 acres on the Town’s wish list; watershed views, open space etc. things Town didn’t want to see developed. The Town contacted all of the owners of the wish list properties and several said yes. So there will be a lot of purchases this year.

5. Old Business (updates from previous meetings).

a) Storm water run-off on Church Lane

To be discussed at a later date with Christine Fenton who is working on the issue/

b) Cell Tower application

Cell tower is going to allow several carriers. The planning board asked the applicant to consider other sites. The applicant has been asked to draft environmental impact study

c) Sustainability Plan –latest version: http://www.southamptontownny.gov/filestorage/760/762/1122/1674/7185/Southampton_SustainabilityPlan_Final_10-08-13-web.pdf

The website has the latest info.

Ann Throne-Holst noted that the application is closed to written commentary. The next step is to adopt or not. There is no date. Most probably in late Nov. or Dec.

6. New Business.

a) Commercial encroachment on sidewalks in the Village.  Let’s keep an eye on this.

b) On Butter Lane Mr. McCoy is changing his business from oil to propane.

c) Barn on Lumber lane:  the planning board has asked for a new engineering report. Rumors that they were going to create an ice skating rink are true; they intend to flood their tennis court in winter. The planning board wants to ensure that the equipment is not stored on Ag Reserve land.

d) Green School

Suzanne Sinenberg noted that the Green school that has opened on Toppings Path in her neighborhood in a rental house and they aren’t taking care of their property. She asked if this was legal.

Anna Throne-Holst responded that the State has given them the authority to open a school there.  She suggested that if there are code violations that code enforcement be called.

7. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35

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