Minutes, June 24, 2013

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1. Attendance.

–Carey Millard, Jeff Mansfield, Alejandro Saralegui, Ruth Foley, Phyllis Davis, Fred Cammann, Jenice Delano, Shira Kalish, Richard Bruce, Norm Lowe, Bonnie Lowe, Weezie Quimby, Peter Wilson, Gay Lynch, Julie Burmeister, Christine Chew Smith, Vandermades, Phyllis McPherson

Guests: Bob De Luca, Christine P. Scalera, John Barrows, Ian McPherson

2. Approval of May 20, 2013 Minutes.


3. Discussion on Southampton 400+ Sustainability Element Update to the          Southampton Town Plan.

Speakers:      Christine Scalera, Southampton Town Board Member

Robert S. DeLuca, President, Group for the East End.

Both Christine Scalera and Bob Deluca spoke about the history and purpose of the 400+ Sustainability Plan. Christine Scalera added that she had re-written parts of the plan to make her and her constituents more “comfortable” with the plan. The revised plan is on-line now.

Comments were as follows:

–Fred Cammann  praised great group of leaders in Group for the East End and suggested that the  400+ plan would benefit by having a similar non–profit group of very well respected leadership.

–Jenice Delano commented that the priority seemed to be on new development rather than existing residential and commercial properties that perhaps that should be re-addressed.

–Jeff Mansfield asked why the Coast and bays had been ignored.

Bob DeLuca pointed out that starting in 1993 Southampton may have the most cohesive plan in dealing with the shoreline; that came out of the destruction of a hurricane that year.

–Jeff Mansfield also asked if the 400+ plan should be a stand alone document.

Christine Scalera said that either way from a legal point of view if the plan were passed it would be automatically part of the Comp. Plan.

–Ian McPherson I think it is a mostly good plan but its approval should be contingent on a strong management system.

Christine Scalera said that the Green Committee is essentially going to be charged with managing the 400+ plan once it is approved.

No final approval was given by the CAC.

–For information on the update please visit: http://www.southamptontownny.gov/filestorage/760/762/1122/1674/7185/southampton_sustainabilityplan_final_draft.pdf

4. Carey Millard read the answers to our questions to the Town from the last CAC meeting.

5. There was a brief discussion on the Rental Rule that requires inspections by building inspector. There was much concern over the fines and onerous rules or the Rental Permit Law.

Christine Scalera noted that the rules have been in effect for a number of years and are meant to provide safety to residents. Also the building dept. rules are mostly State mandated so that is out of their hands. The general consensus was that the CAC should support the Building Inspector.

7. Adjournment.

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