Minutes, May 20, 2013

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1. Attendance.

Julie Burmeister

Leonard Davenport

Cathie Gandel

Gay Lynch

Jeffrey Mansfield

Weezie Quimby

Alejandro Saralegui

Christine Smith

GUESTS: Phyllis Davis

2. Approval of April 22, 2013 Minutes


3. Discussion on Southampton 400+ Sustainability Element Update to the Southampton Town Plan.

A 110 page document about how the town is going to make us sustainable; it is an action plan to be sure we take care of our resources.

Town meeting to discuss the Update is scheduled for May 28th and Christine Scalera is the liaison for our CAC.

Weezy Quimby said that she would have a copy of the update printed in the library in the LI collection room

CAC members were asking the following questions:

-Is it an effort to rein in developers.

-Is there a goal? Sustainability being a rather large topic.

-Getting rid of the nitrogen to the levels they are talking about is quite expensive.

-How are reliable, how correct is the executive summary?

-Might it be based on Agenda 21? Jeff Mansfield responded that Town trustees said it was their own ideas.

- There was concern about some big brother elements to it.  And perhaps we don’t need so much oversight.

–For information on the on the update please visit: http://www.southamptontownny.gov/filestorage/760/762/1122/1674/7185/southampton_sustainabilityplan_final_draft.pdf

4. A discussion about Chris Nuzzi’s change in renting rules.

From a meeting with Anna Throne-Holst the idea is truly for people who rent as a business. Jeff Mansfield pointed out that the rules are already on the books with a smaller fine.

5. Fire Department land transfer

Cathie Gandel explained a land transfer from the Community House property to the Fire Department.  When the Fire Department bought Pulver they were already going to buy the land from the Community House. It is land that is currently used by the Fire department for staff parking, and will allow egress from a new building they are planning. The CAC had no objections to this land transfer. Cathie Gandel will communicate that to planning board.

6. Questions from the Community

Is the pyramid rule still in existence? And how does it apply to the “cottages” at the Topping Rose House? Concerned because his neighbor has a 20 ft. tall wall of illuminated glass facing his property.

There is concern about the hedges at SW corner of Hildreth Lane and Halsey Lane that  obstruct visibility and appear to be on town land.  Is this a code enforcement, traffic or highway issue?

How does a resident of the Hamlet find out about decisions made by the Planning Board and ZBA, especially if decisions directly affect the resident?

7. The meeting was adjourned at 8:24PM

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