Minutes March 18, 2013

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1. Attendance. Cathie Gandel, Jeff Mansfield, Alejandro Saralegui, Julie Burmeister, Fred Cammann, Jenice Delano, Bonnie Lowe, Norm Lowe, Weezie Quimby

Guests: Nancy Walter-Yvertes, Cynthia Dennis/Topping Rose House, Councilman Chris Nuzzi, Victor Udave.

2. Approval of February Minutes.


3. Councilman Chris Nuzzi, Southampton Town Councilman on proposed draft zoning amendment.

Councilman Nuzzi discussed a proposed draft zoning amendment to the Town Code. The ZBA is currently authorized to permit a change from one nonconforming use to another, provided that the change is “beneficial to the general neighborhood” and “subject to such reasonable conditions and safeguards as the Board of Appeals may stipulate.”

The proposed legislation would shift the decision making power to the Town Board, and allow for more conversation with the community to discuss the change of zoning. The question is whether an appointed board (ZBA) should decide such changes or if the elected Town Board should be responsible. Ultimately this proposal forces a stricter adherence to the comprehensive plan. The other option is creating higher standards for the ZBA to comply with like Sag Harbor Village did, in effect mirroring the standards of the Town Board.

Jenice Delano asked if this proposal would affect determinations by the Building Inspector. Councilman Nuzzi responded that the proposed amendment would not affect the Building Inspector.

Jeff Mansfield asked if there is any negative feedback besides the slowdown in application time.

Councilman Nuzzi responded that people fear the cost and time in terms of going in front of the town board. He added that the Town Board needs to get residents through the process more efficiently.

Councilman Nuzzi also briefly discussed the following:

-Business Advisory Committee, described as a group of interested and involved businessmen. He invited anyone who is interested to participate. The goal being not to be reactive to what is coming out of Town Hall and more about suggesting improvements and changes in Town Hall.

- Project Development Council, a formal working group in Town Hall all of whom touch a land use application, even if it is an as of right application. Anyone with a building project in the Town can approach this group for guidance. We want to streamline those applications and the process. So that right away there is discussion to improve communication, a point of contact.

-Saturday and Sunday April 20th 21st, Great East End Clean up, an effort to clean up public areas within the town, We provide the bags, pick sticks and dump trucks if necessary. The cleanup is coordinated through Waste Management Department.

Fred Cammann asked who is in charge of directing the sand moving on the beach, and noted that there was lots of truck traffic that might be causing damage.   A tremendous amount of sand has been taken from Sagg Pond and deposited elsewhere.

Councilman Nuzzi responded that the Trustees and our Environmental Division oversee the work. But he pointed out that a lot of the work is by private contractors buying sand from the Trustees and carting it elsewhere.

Jeff Mansfield said there were huge trucks at Cameron on the previous Saturday, just private contractors grabbing sand.  It seems like the Wild West. Fred added that it feels like homeowners with money are dictating terms of the project.

It was decided that we’ll make a resolution at the next meeting.

4. Community clean-up along rte. 27 in front of the Commons.

Jeff Mansfield discussed the property across from the Commons that is heavily littered. Perhaps the CAC could join in the effort that Councilman Nuzzi mentioned and get kids from the school and the BLVIS involved.

Weezie Quimby said that she didn’t think we should be cleaning private property, pointing out that it’s not part of our mission. Jeff then said that Greg Konner, whose family owns the property, promised to clean it by April 15th.

5. Old Business (updates from last meeting)

–Cathie Gandel said that Kelly Harris is following up on our cross walk discussion and writing a letter to the DOT.  Weezie Quimby suggested that Kelly send a copy to us so that we can be consistent with her recommendations.

–Jeff Mansfield said that further to our discussions with Christine Scalera about defining our role on advising the Planning Board and the ZBA that Christine’s assistant had said yes, it absolutely is within the realm of the CAC to comment in an advisory role.

6. New Business.

There was a discussion as to whether or not the CAC was effective in reaching out to the community about our discussions, concerns and resolutions. Several ideas were mentioned including contacting Steve Kotz at the Southampton Press, asking the papers for a column on the CACs.  Victor Udave suggested contacting the local radio stations.

-School is voting on its 5 year capital reserve plan on the 20th .

Fred Cammann thought this plan is very well thought out.

7. Meeting was adjourned about 8:45pm.

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