Report on Activities and Resolutions at the CAC meeting August 22, 2011

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1. The CAC particularly welcomed Nancy Graboski to our meeting. Her attendance always helps our understanding of town related issues. Much more, Nancy has always been a valuable advocate when puzzling issues have arisen concerning Bridgehampton and she well represents our hamlet when we need help in resolving issues with the town.

2 Discussion about the congestion at the end of Lumber Lane/ Montauk Highway : Even closing the beverage store hasn’t helped, though the Nat’l Grid work at this the busiest possible intersection in Bridgehampton  over the busiest week of the summer was incredibly insensitive and  really caused a dangerous traffic situation at this location. . Beyond the Nat’l Grid fiasco …during the 2011 tourist season the traffic congestion has reached a crescendo which doubtless will be somewhat relieved after Labor Day. On the other hand any relief from heavy summer traffic will be somewhat diminished by the opening of a new school year and its resulting flow of young pedestrians through this dangerous intersection. In addition, based upon two applications for extensive development which have been approved by the Planning Boards and ZBA, during the coming year we expect large construction projects on the East and West sides of the intersection at Bullshead Inn and the Starbuck/Prudential/Beverage Store  sites.

In the opinion of the majority of the CAC the following analysis offered by Ian MacPherson accurately describes present traffic conditions at this location not withstanding a more moderate quantity of traffic after Labor Day. “It is immediately evident from the traffic flows and also the dual use of [cars in line awaiting light changes] that it is quite extraordinary that anyone can get through without having an accident. In the North to South direction you have traffic from Lumber Lane and the [ Prudential] parking lots competing with traffic from the Sag Turnpike [ for permission to move in response to] any of the three lights on to the Montauk Highway. In addition this traffic is crossed by additional [backed up] traffic [waiting to ] come from Montauk Highway and from Ocean Road seeking to go North on Lumber Lane as well as traffic from the Prudential parking lot also seeking to go North on Lumber Lane or [passing across two lines of competing traffic to go North on the ] Sag Turnpike. Members of our committee will be meeting with Tom Neely early this week, September 12, 2011 to discuss our thoughts on ways to alleviate the constant threat of accidents at this intersection.

3  Report on the latest developments in our efforts to revive a sailing program at the site of the old Mecox Yacht Club. In early September came  a positive ruling from the Town’s Conservation Board on the application for a “wetlands permit.” It was hoped that the Town Board would follow up by issuing a license to proceed, but the “neighbors” to the property have  hired lawyers and issued a law suit against the Town and the Conservation Board ruling and incidentally listing the wonderful volunteers who have been pursuing this project . The CAC pointed out in their meeting that limiting water rights of our residents and their guests   is certainly not in the interests of our community nor is it probably in the interests of any community when the exclusion is aimed solely to  the benefit of a vocal, litigious  minority. The CAC once again unanimously supports the efforts of the Mecox Sailing Program proponents  and hopes the Town Attorney  office will vigorously defend  the Conservation Board ruling in the matter.

4   Steve Long , the Director of the Children’s Museum of the East End presented a detailed proposeal for a walking trail project within the boundaries of  the CMEE property on the Sag Turnpike. The trail proposal comes with both a shorter  distance and longer distance option. The trail will carry younger children through a safely constructed “nature walk” as they  explore the environment of the lovely wooded area surrounding the museum . The CAC applauded the idea and suggested that CMEE  start with a beginning trail even before the full funding of the larger option is realized. It is no surprise that CMEE has already received indications of support from our community, including the environmental leader, The Group for the East End,. Happily the proposition is already in front of the Town Board and it is hoped that the Department of Land Management will aid and abet this worthy project.

5   There is a need for the information data concerning  residents of Bridgehampton especially their street delivery house  numbers to be listed and available on the  Main  Suffolk  County Post office data base  to ensure the residents  receive appropriate  UPS. FEDEX, et al deliveries . However, as with all beaurocratic matters, the solution is not that simple. It would behoove Bridgehampton residents to pursue package and special mail delivery options with the Post Office directly. Our problem is  that we do not have home delivery, so that the Post Office doesn’t handle issues that require our street addresses and at times the information required by carriers for street deliveries does not come  from the Post Office without a lot of fuss.

As always , suggestions for topics will be welcome as will all folks who have an interest in the comings and goings of Bridgehampton. One agenda item already proposed is a program to restore/replace the wounded and aging roadside tree population of both Bridgehampton and Sagaponack . Many of these fine trees have suffered mightily over long years. They need an active program to determine their health and to remedy any  dangerous chance of their falling over our power lines and onto vehicles, homes, and passing pedestrians.

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