Activities and Resolutions at the CAC meeting June 27, 2011

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1. Proposed addition to the physical plant of the Bridgehampton fire Department. Bridgehampton Fire Department Commissioners, Steve Halsey, Cliff Foster and Fred Wilford discussed with the CAC  a potential plan to enlarge and improve the Fire Department plant facilities , referencing  reports in the Southampton Press that were published during the past 4 months. Mr. Halsey stated that the  newspaper reports were premature and reflected only possible solutions to what is a present day overcrowding of Fire Department office facilities at its Bridgehampton site. He said that the sole alternative being considered at this time is limited to confidential inquiries that are under way for a possible  purchase of the present Pulver Gas office building  and its  property located to the West of the  Firehouse surrounding the Bridgehampton Community House property on the Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton. Mr. Halsey remarked that there was no present need for expansion to the vehicle storage and maintenance facilities beyond those provided in the present structure. In addition to providing additional office space Mr. Foster indicated the  vacant portion of the Pulver property could provide an area for necessary rainwater drainage emplacements. The three commissioners  bore witness to  the vastly increased number of emergency calls annually answered by the Ambulance/Fire Department beyond the volume  of comparative calls run when  the  construction of the present facility was planned   about 30 years ago.  Resulting increased volumes and  mandated increases  of  reporting,  filing  and other administrative  requirements have severely taxed the present facility . The commissioners also pointed out that the present facility over-crowding could have a limiting influence in attracting necessary new members to its volunteer  roster.

Mr Halsey said that if a purchase of the Pulver property seemed possible, it would be first necessary to submit   the proposition for that purchase  to a public vote by the eligible voters within  the Bridgehampton. fire district. Should that vote result in  approval for  the purchase, including the costs, of the Pulver property and in the event the purchase was  accomplished , the Commissioners would then undergo the planning and would produce a proposal for  a renovation program for the purchased property. It would then be necessary to present this second proposal and its costs  to the voters of the Bridgehampton Fire District for their consideration and approval .  The members of the CAC asked a few questions for clarification and then thanked the Commissioners for their report. The CAC invited the Commissioners to pay a return visit when their plans were ready for submission to the voters in the Fire District.

2. Application for changed usages for the Corrigan Garage/Car Rental Agency/ used car lot location.. Attorney for the owners, Dennis Downes, presented.  This piece of property has historically housed the Corrigan garage and more recently a Hertz Rental Car  business. The owners wish to remove the structures housing these businesses and propose to erect a building that would house two retail businesses. To do so the Southampton ZBA will be asked to change the present use  permits for the location. Mr. Downes sought the support of the CAC for pursuing this application. The sense of the CAC was to support the change of use application and will send a letter to the Planning Board and to the ZBA stating so.

3. Hearing on August 18th, regarding  a variance for the Sand-Land sandpit on Middle Line Highway. Since this is right on the border of Noyac and Bridgehampton, our CAC  invited  Sherry Kiselyak  from the Noyac Advisor to attend this meeting.

The hearing for a variance is for Sand land, the present owner,  to continue to have its illegal buildings remain in their current location, which is about 80 feet closer to their Bridgehampton Residential neighbors, than Town Code allows.  These five buildings were probably  built without any permits several years back.   If this variance application were granted, this would be a serious blow to all of the Bridgehampton neighbors, who oppose San Land operating cement crushing and wood processing facilities on the premises.  Sand Land ONLY has a permit to operate a “portable sand screening facility.” In a presentation to the CAC the  position of the adjoining neighbors was presented: that the business is a huge, loud nuisance and is operating illegally. The Bridgehampton CAC sense is that the business may be illegal as presently constituted but a realistic approach to minimizing the disturbance to the neighbors would be to enter discussions quietly with the owners of the business. The Bridgehampton’CAC’s sense is that, regardless of whether the Sand- Land business is being operated without proper permits, a diligent effort should be made on behalf of the affected neighbors and the owners of the business  to reach an agreement on how the business may be operated ,( including any necessary modifications to current practices). so as  not to cause any unacceptable noise, smell, or other aggravations  to the neighbors. It was also the sense of the CAC that even if the necessary variances and permits are granted, the continuous operation of the business as it is presently conducted is unacceptable.

4. The traffic circle at Scuttlehole and Mitchell Lane continues to be un- landscaped unlike similar traffic controlled areas in Southampton. In addition it is not clear how the plans for widening portions of Scuttlehole Road  will impact the traffic problems in Bridgehampton. Emma Clurman of our CAC has agreed to confer with Alex Gregor and the Town Dept of Transportation about both of these issues.

outstanding issues updates:

A. From Jeff Mansfield: Mecox Yacht Club :Over the past two years, we have collected hundreds of signatures on a petition to the Town of Southampton asking that it use the old site of the Mecox Yacht Club, which is now Town Parkland, as a venue for a sailing association to benefit the members of our community. We have organized a letter writing campaign, and induced a large number of supporters to attend public hearings on the matter. At the behest of the Town, we have submitted a 100 page proposal outlining the general boating facility, and sailing school we hope to re-establish. We have formed a not for profit corporation, the Mecox Sailing Association, and have Officers and Directors who are willing to serve. We have drafted a set of by-laws and association rules. We have hired legal counsel, and an environmental consultant, and have met with Town officials and residents of Bay Lane on numerous occasions. We have hired a licensed surveyor to delineate the wetlands and the site of the proposed venture. We have applied, along with the Town, to the DEC for a “Wetlands Permit.” Finally, we have fully researched our Insurance needs, and we have applied for 501(c)(3) charitable status from the IRS

While we have made considerable headway, including the gaining of support from both the Bridgehampton and Water Mill Citizen Advisory Committees, the process has been slowed by a small number of Bay Lane residents. This group opposes our venture, and has hired lawyers and specialists that confront us and the Town at every turn.

The latest public hearing on the matter was on Tuesday, June 14th. In short, the Town is still waiting to hear back from the DEC on our application for a “Wetlands Permit.” Without this permit, the Town cannot move forward in granting the Mecox Sailing Association a licensing agreement. The Town is also applying for a permit from the Conservation Board. A Conservation Board public hearing will take place at Town Hall on Wednesday, July 13th at 7:30pm. Our hope is that both permits will be granted by the next Town Board meeting on the matter, which is scheduled for Tuesday, August 9th at 1pm. If you are able to attend the July 13th Conservation Board hearing to express your views in support of the Mecox Sailing Association, it will be most appreciated.

While we are frustrated at the protracted nature of our progress, we realize that the Town is moving deliberately because of the opposition’s repeated, and very real threat of legal action.

B. MIACO (Bullshead Rennovation)The Chair reported that as of June 27,2011 no building permit applications have been filed for this site.

C. BHHS Rogers House Renovation progress. The Chair invited all to visit the well progressing restoration of the exterior of the house. It looks terrific.

D. BNB Ventures :   THE Chair reported that a demolition permit application was filed with the  Town Building Dept on June 22  presumably for the demolition of the beverage store at he intersection of Lumber Lane and  the Montauk Highway.… Progress at last.

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