Activities and Resolutions at the CAC meeting on April 25, 2011

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1 The Bridgehampton Historical Society  invited us to meet at their restoration site (The Nathanial Rogers /Hopping House ) . Director Eilertsen guided the group through the history  of the house and described the financial progress to date for funds to pay for the restoration  of the house. He said that through  the efforts  of  Southampton  Town , New York State, and the generosity of many supporters from the community, work had started at the site. He expects that the exterior of the house will have been restored and protected by the end of the summer. The next stage will be to secure the finances needed to  complete the restoration of the interior. The house is a valuable historic asset. With its surrounding open acreage, it will  be the eastern gateway to Bridgehampton hamlet

2 Dr. Lois Favre, Superintendent Bridgehampton School District and Business Manager, Robert Hauser,  discussed  the 2011 proposed school district budget . In spite of its  small enrollment the school is mandated by New York State to adhere to programs requirements , staffing provisions ,  and facilities practices that are the same as those mandated for higher enrollment institutions . A comparison of relative cost burdens shows   that  the Bridgehampton School District , in spite of  its small  enrollment, suffers financially. At the same time it appears  it is  the position of the Superintendent, the School Board, and School Business Department that there are no meaningful areas of the Bridgehampton School District expenditures for the year 2010 that can be reduced in the2011 proposed budget without damaging the quality of education provided  presently to its approximately 180 student population  enrolled in classes K-12. The effect upon Bridgehampton School District taxpayers is that a no increase of services 2011 budget , called a “roll-over budget”,  will require a tax increase of  5.6%  on all Bridgehampton tax payers.. Although the school has a high per student cost, resulting from its low student enrollment,  the assessment rate for Bridgehampton School District taxpayers is lower than in other Southampton Town  K-12 school districts, as well as in school districts further west  on Long Island.

The Bridgehampton CAC was supportive of the School District presentation. Comments from members emphasized their hopes that the school would broaden programs that would benefit graduates as they move on  into higher education and career roles.  There were offers from members to volunteer their services as tutors and mentors to the school

3 The US Post Office maintains a database that online vendors use and that credit card companies use to verify addresses  for various reasons. The Bridgehampton postal district has no RFD services. Therefore inaccurate or simply no information about certain streets and home addresses can be found in the database. .

The CAC voted to contact the regional USPS office (in Happaugue) and ask that the data base relative to Bridgehampton’s Postal District be corrected and updated. Vice Chair , Steve Steinberg , offered to pursue this resolution.

4—A frustrating traffic/parking  situation  exists at the two Town Beaches in Bridgehampton — The CAC members expressed dismay  that the present parking regulations and fees continue to restrict the ability of Bridgehampton residents to reach the beaches even though they pay  property taxes to do so and pay a fee for an annual permit. This problem has existed for years. Jeff Mansfield has agreed to  pursue this issue along with the support of  Councilwoman Nancy Graboski.

5. Citarella Parking on Hildreth Lane  . There is a traffic problem on this two lane road for two reasons. First there are no signs that limit parking along the road in spite of the continuous passage of vehicles  by-passing their need to travel  through the main hamlet of Bridgehampton. Second employees of the Citarella  shopping center/café use the sides of Hildreth Road to park their cars  because of the huge patron demand on the complex’s  sole existing parking facility. The resulting traffic demands on Hildreth Road  are at their highest at exactly the same periods that the parking demands on the Citarella parking lot hit their zenith. The CAC requests relief  from this problem by the posting of limited or no parking signs along this vulnerable traffic location. This effort will be pursued by Alejanndro Saraleguia and Christine Smith with support by Councilwoman Nancy Graboski.

6.  Councilwoman Nancy Graboski reported there are planned  upcoming votes scheduled by the Town Board concerning amendments to the present practice of issuing PDD variances throughout the Town. Members of the Bridgehampton CAC have historically been  critical of the use of PDDs throughout the town of Southampton and particularly  as they may impact the hamlet of Bridgehampton. Although the Town is taking steps to make this process more palatable, records show that the use  of PDDs has been discouraged and opposed by the Bridgehampton CAC consistently for the past 15 years . In fact the practice has been debated in  many meetings at intervals throughout this time span. Never has there been a positive resolution passed by present  or past Bridgehampton CAC boards that supported or advocated the use  of PDD legislation  by the Town Board. The present Bridgehampton CAC once again voiced this position in its April 25, 2011 meeting

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