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Supervisor Throne Holst presented to the CAC a summary of the  goals and intentions of the 2011 Tentative Town budget.

The report had as its basis a document entitled  “2011 Tentative Budget”and the supervisor based her comments upon the content of this document. Copies of the document are available from the Supervisor’s office or from the Town Clerk’s office. The detailed tentative budget can mostly be found on the Town’s website. The response from the CAC was in the main favorable and enthusiastic about the efforts made by the Supervisor’s office and the affected Town Departments in developing this budget . The CAC felt the budget proposed goes a long way towards addressing the financial distresses of the past few years while maintaining a disciplined approach to the revenues anticipated and the acknowledged expenditures the Town faces for the next two years.  The CAC supported the efforts by the Supervisor in her program to control growth in the municipal departments, and efforts to define  practical reductions in the town employee numbers, and most important, the Town Board’s mission continues to be sure the citizens of Southampton will remain safe and properly served in all departments  not withstanding personnel and financial reductions,. The CAC was  encouraged by  words  from Nancy Graboski in general support for the budget efforts, reserving the perfectly proper caveat that   members of the Town Board will have  some  alternative proposals for individual portions of the budget.  The CAC was quick to offer its understanding of Ms. Graboski’s position but did comment  that the CAC hoped and prayed the Board would refrain from permitting partisan positions to interfere with the reconciliation process. A further comment came from the CAC:   the  budget summary infers that there would be no increase in operating costs but that the proposed   2.4% tax rate increase  would be dedicated to the deficit elimination program . The CAC points out that the increase in 2011 assessed property values  throughout the town will also  bring in approximately 2.5% in additional property revenue, all of which will be used for increased  2011 operating expenses.

Our thanks go to both the supervisor and to Councilwoman Graboski for their really valuable contribution to our understanding of the budget and budget process. We haope they will come back to our meetings at any time they think we can be helpful and supportive.

A Presentation by Jeff Mansfield concerning the proposed Mecox Yacht Club Restoration. Jeff reported that the Town Board meeting of October 12 was attended by a large number of supporters  for this project. Also present were some representatives of MecoxBay Lane  neighbors who somewhat oppose the idea and by lawyers who presented their concerns. But the sense of the meeting was very favorable to the restoration of the traditional sailing  program and the restoration of the exiting  storage facility at this site. A final resolution will be made by the Town Board in January 2011. The CAC hopes that the Town’s position will be positive for this project.

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