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A Presentation by Jeff Mansfield concerning the proposed Mecox Yacht Club Restoration.

Jeff reported that he has formed a group of Bridgehampton and Water Mill residents who want to restore the Mocox Yacht Club on Bay Lane to its original facility and sailing usage. Their plan is to form a not for profit self supporting organization dedicated to  teaching young members of the community to sail  and to encourage sailing sunfishes by the community at large  at this town owned location.  Jeff remarked that the use of this facility has a history dating back many years before nearby residential development took place; however, it appears that a number of nearby residents have offered resistance to the plan based upon the possible interruption of their tranquility. It was the unanimous opinion of the Bridgehampton CAC that there was no logical reason to suppose that re- introduction of a small sailing facility at this location would interfere with the privacy rights of the neighbors, and indeed it would contribute to the shorefront benefits that should be shared by all the residents of Southampton. It is the hope of the CAC that the neighbors concerned will rethink their opposition and indeed support and welcome the return of the Mecox Yacht Club. If there is concern for increased parking at this location, the CAC recommends that parking be limited to residents of Southampton who purchase parking permits, as is the custom at similar “end of road facilities” that lead to waterfronts within the town. These permits would, of course, also be required for any vehicles that service the needs of adjoining houses. The CAC hopes its members and other interested parties will tender their support at the public hearing on this matter on Tuesday October 12.

The proposal to put lifeguard protection at the beach at the end of Ocean Road is being pursued with the town by the CAC and a property owner on the West side of the road, It is the hope of the town as well as the other interested parties that there will be a happy resolution to this problem. The traffic at this beach has increased over the years; there is a dangerous perception offered to bathers that the lifeguard protection established at the neighboring private facility is extensive enough to cover the area in front of Ocean Road as well. All agree it is not; the town may erect signage to that effect, but there remains considerable doubt that only such signage will do the trick. The CAC continues to request that a plan be made to protect this area with the presence of human lifeguards.

The owner of the MIACO project, Bulls Head Inn, located on the corner of the Montauk Highway and the Sag Harbor turnpike has added a residential lot to his property by purchasing the vacant lot abutting that portion for which he received a ZBA variance for a change of zoning from residential to commercial.

Fred Cammann

Chair Bridgehampton CAC.

The next meeting will be on Monday October 25 at 7:00 PM at the Bridgehampton Bank.

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