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The Bridgehampton Citizens’ Advisory Committee met on July 19, 2010  to discuss  the issue of  safety at the location commonly described as “Ocean Road Beach”,  located at the  Southern terminus of Ocean Road/Atlantic Avenue in the unincorporated hamlet of Bridgehampton. The CAC noted that Ocean Road Beach is used by increasing numbers of residents and non-residents, that usage increases each year, and that the greatest usage occurs during the period running from Memorial day through Labor Day. The CAC believes that the unsupervised and unprotected premises here identified have for many years resulted in  a dangerous threat to the safety and well being of all who visit this location, whether by automobile, by foot, or by any other means of transportation.

Consequently  the Bridgehampton Citizens’ Advisory Committee voted unanimously to request the Town Board to take steps to permanently alleviate the dangerous conditions that prevail at the “Ocean Road Beach “ location during the summer ocean bathing season, including the provision of life guards and other appropriate services and facilities.

The Bridgehampton Citizens’ Advisory Committee met on July 19, 2010  to discuss BNB Ventures IV, LLC  Property Situate : 2488 Montauk Highway , 10 Lumber Lane, 2510 BH-SH Turnpike : SCTMs 900-69-5- 34,35,36. This submission was made pursuant to meetings held with the Planning Board on November 19, 2009 and the Town’s Landmark & Historic Review Board on December 15, 2009 where the two Town agencies found these revisions address the concerns of the previously proposed plan .

The Bridgehampton Citizens’ Advisory Committee unanimously  supports  the applicant’s revised plan  with a  caveat; the interfacing traffic issue at the Lumber Lane, SH Turnpike, Montauk Highway must be addressed by the DOT, and the Town of Southampton. Additional development at this location will increase the potential for serious accidents at this  presently very dangerous entrance and exit pattern.

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