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December 28, 2009

Ms. Clare Vail, Principal Planner

Town of Southampton, Planning Board

116 Hampton Road, Southampton, NY 11968

RE: MIACO (Bull’s Head))

Dear Ms. Vail:

After having reviewed the EIS, the Bridgehampton CAC has the following replies:

Comment E-4 (page 26).  We object to the de facto down zoning.  The response is simply “(t)he comment is noted.”  Given the substantial objections to the down zoning, the proposed project should be rejected.

Comment E-18 (page 28) Sponsor’s answer is that “SEQRA does not provide for a lead agency to assess the financing mechanisms for a proposed action.”  We did not comment about the financing of the project.  We commented about the economic viability of the project and the effect on the community should it not be economically viable after it is financed.  We requested that the “sponsor should be required to submit evidence that the project is and will be economically feasible.”  Having failed to do so, we must conclude that our concerns are correct and that the sponsor has no answer to these concerns.

Comment H-1 (page 31).  Notwithstanding the lengthy response, sponsor does not answer the points we made: the project does not protect the historic and architectural integrity of the Bull’s Head in…”  Nor does the sponsor directly answer our position that having relied on the standards of the National Park Service, it should not ignore them.  What the sponsor’s responses show clearly is that the integrity of the Inn is not going to be preserved and there will be major changes.  For example, with respect to the barn being moved, the sponsor states that “the barn’s “new position closer to the main house would better integrate it into the property’s new use….” We submit that a new use and a change of an existing structure does not meet the criteria which the sponsor claims it is following.

We are impressed by the number and substance of the opposition to this project as presently proposed by the sponsor.  As the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Hamlet of Bridgehampton, we believe that our duty is to support those objections and place on the record our own objections.  We respectfully submit that after the sponsor provides and Index so that all can respond to the massive document, that the project be rejected in its present form.

Respectfully submitted,


Fred Cammann, Chairman

Stephen R. Steinberg, Member


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