October 26, 2009 meeting report

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Guests:  Jay Schneiderman, Jim Malone ,Sally Pope

The CAC expressed its gratitude  to the present members of the Town and County Government Departments  and to the candidates for positions in those entities for coming to our meeting. We wished all present good fortune in the upcoming elections.  Throughout the year at every one of our meetings the opportunity to interact with elected and appointed members  from local, county, and state  government organizations is not only welcome but invaluable for us. These discussions give us a deeper understanding of the issues the various boards grapple with and allow us to make, we hope positive, contributions to the debates from the prospective of our Bridgehampton hamlet.

Aboutbridgehampton.com new website:  Mr. Vogel requested that all who care about our hamlet, please visit  and register on the site , The CAC has placed its meetings “on line” at this site, thereby opening  a line of communications with our residents who do not attend our monthly meetings. Most importantly, we are reworking the hamlet study for the Town of Southampton the  better to inform  the Planning and ZBA boards about the needs  and hopes of our residents. The initial draft of this document is on line and is open for comments, revisions,  and suggestions from the concerned residents.

We ask all who are interested please to register on the site to make your comments. We will also be opening a general forum where items of community interest may be discussed and brought to the CAC’s attention.

The Chair welcomed and recognized Ms. Mary  Schellinger Chairwoman of the Southampton Disability Advisory Committee and Ms. Virginia Bennett  from the Department of Human Resources. The members of the Advisory Committee asked that the Bridgehampton CAC work with them in an effort to work out a program to incorporate Basic Access  elements in construction designs for all new homes, additions, and renovations. in Southampton. They stressed that according to the year 2000 census there were 5877 disabled residents  between 5 and 65 in age  and 2571 over 65 in Southampton Town. Since the senior population is growing at three times the rate of general population, these numbers are far larger now and are growing. The goal of the committee is to get the recommendations into the hands of all contractors and those who have property in the town , especially any who are planning revisions or  new construction. The committee has prepared an excellent  pamphlet that explains the 3 uncomplicated elements that work to provide Basic Access for all regardless of  most  disabilities.  The CAC offered to assist the Disability Advisory Committee in its outreach goals. The Chair will ask a couple of the CAC members to work with him on this project.

The Chair  welcomed and recognized  Mr. Peter Wadsworth, Chairman of the East Hampton Airport Noise Abatement Committee. For the past four or five years this group has  worked to improve traffic conditions at the East Hampton Airport. High in priority has been relocating the flight paths of  ever increasing helicopter  traffic  which cause  a serious noise nuisance  for all who live below  the flight paths. Mr Wadsworth said that recent efforts of his group have  been placed on the back burner  by the East Hampton Board, but he hoped that with the upcoming election completed the new board would return to the issue. He remarked that it was necessary for a united  effort be made on behalf of the various East End Town Boards and hoped that  Southampton would continue in its cooperative efforts. Recent communications with the Southampton Town Board indicated that this spirit of cooperation is expected to continue.

Over this past summer  our subsidiary roads have been filled with vehicle traffic that mostly seeks to bypass the heavily traveled Montauk Highway. Frustrated motorists have  caused  a huge increase in  moving traffic violations, and higher than normal vehicle accidents. Local residents have endured dangerous traffic incidents in their neighborhoods. As one result of a discussion with Captain Tenaglia of the Southampton Police Department  at the  August CAC meeting a stepped up program of enforcement softened the traffic problem over Labor Day. Later meetings between Bridgehampton residents and Town authorities concerning their specific  neighborhood roads have resulted in a series of recommendations for traffic enforcement signs along these specific avenues. The CAC was recently contacted by Captain Tenaglia  concerning the results of the late August effort to control the traffic in the byways. It is clear that there was a definite improvement in motorist activity during and after the  increased Police Department effort. The CAC expressed its gratitude  It is the CAC’s concern  that the Water Mill traffic light at the Citarella intersection plays  a role in the extreme traffic tieups during the summer months. Mr. Schneiderman recommended that our CAC contact the Water Mill CAC as well as the town transportation office regarding the timing of this light and specifically whether a continuous blinking yellow light might help alleviate the  tieups.

The CAC remains very concerned , that the economy not withstanding, mishandling of town accounts may result in an additional tax assessment.

Steve Long and Alejandro Saralegui  expressed the need for community support for regional cultural entities: for example,  the Children’s Museum of the East End, The Bridgehampton Historical Society, Bay Street Theatre, Local Radio Station WLIU, the group of publicly viewed garden sites, and  park sites. They made the point that even in this weakened economy these treasures must be allowed to survive and the economic wellbeing of the East End attraction for visitors depends in many instances  upon the continued availability of these attractive tourist entities. Mr. Schneiderman expressed his interest in seeking county support for   Bridgehampton not for profit organizations.

Mr. Schneiderman said that he has been working with the Children’s Museum  to create an imaginative use for the portions of the Museum property that are currently vacant semi woodland. He also reported that the Sagg Turnpike sidewalk program that he has championed in recent years is coming to fruition. He is working with Vice Chair Tony Lambert on this project.

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